$100,000 Table Games High Low Challenge

Fridays in May and June | 7pm - 10pm | Table Games Area

3 Winners Every Hour

Everyone’s a winner of at least $100 in value checks! Winners will play Higher or Lower to reveal each card. Every card revealed correctly will increase the value by $100! Call all cards correctly and win the progressive prize which can be up to $5,500!

Bonus Entries

Sunday - Thursday

Double entries earned for Friday’s table games drawings.

Earn one electronic entry on your Lucky North® Club card for every 50 rated base points earned by playing your favorite table games or poker. You only need to activate your entries one time starting at 6pm each Friday by either swiping the kiosk or by having a closed rating at the table before a drawing time. The Progressive prize will start at $1,500 and will progress by $500 every week. Any remaining progressive prize will be given away at the Grand Prize Drawing on Friday, June 28 at 11pm. The highest the progressive can be is $5,500.