Fire Bet

How to Play

  • Fire Bet wager betting limits will be posted at the game.
  • Fire Bet wagers can be placed anytime prior to the new shooter establishing the first point (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10). Once the first point is established no more Fire Bet wagers will be accepted.
  • When making a Fire Bet wager, place your wager on the numerically marked Fire Bet circle on the layout. below your betting position.
  • The dealer will collect the Fire Bet wagers and place them in their corresponding betting circles, in front of the box person. They will remain there until the bet is won or lost.
  • Once made, a Fire Bet wager cannot be called off or taken down.

Rules of the Game

The object of the bet is for the shooter to make as many “individual points” as possible before they 7-out. The term “individual point” means the shooter successfully makes up to 6 separate points.

(See paytable for odds).

Note: Successfully making the same point more than once, will only count as one “individual point” towards a payoff threshold.

  • Only the highest payoff level met will be paid. Example: if (5) “individual points” are successfully made, only the (5) point payoff will be made and not the lesser payoff threshold(s) met.
  • “Individual points” do not have to be made in any specific order.
  • Winning or losing on the “come out” roll will not affect this wager.
  • Only a “7-out” will terminate the wager.
  • Special Fire Bet wager pucks will be used to keep track of “individual points” made.

All winning Fire Bet wagers will be paid and must be taken down.