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Wheeling Island

Compare Poker Hands

If you’re new to the game, it can be tough to tell which poker hand beats another, Does a flush beat a straight? What about a full house? And just what would a three of a kind beat?

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Poker Hand Rankings List

Fortunately, there’s a specific hierarchy to poker hand rankings that never varies - no matter the game or where it’s played. Listed from best to worst, the poker hands to watch for include:
  • Royal Flush royal flush graphic- A, K, Q, J, 10 - all of the same suit.*  
  • Straight Flush straight flush graphic- Any sequence of five cards that are in the same suit. 
  • Four of a Kindfour of a kind graphic - Any four cards of the same rank. If two players share the poker hand with the same four of a kind, whoever has the highest-ranking fifth card will take the pot. 
  • Full Housefull house graphic - Any three cards of the same rank, plus any two cards of the same rank. For instance, poker hands with three aces and two queens are a full house - as are hands with three threes and two jacks. If more than one player has a full house, the player with the highest-ranking cards would win. 
  • Flushflush graphic - Any five non-consecutive cards of the same suit, the highest card of the five determines the rank of the flush. 
  • Straightstraight graphic - Any five consecutive cards of any suit. In this poker hand, aces can count as either a high card or a low card. 
  • Three of a Kindthree of a kind graphic - Three cards of the same rank, in any combination of suits. 
  • Two Pairtwo pair graphic - Any two cards of the same rank combined with two additional cards of the same rank. 
  • One Pairone pair graphic - Two cards of the same rank, in any combination of suits. 
  • High Card high card graphic- No two cards of the same rank.

*In poker all suits are ranked equally.

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