$100,000 Table Games Hearts of Cash Giveaway

Fridays in July & August | 7pm - 10pm | Table Games Area

14 Winners Every Friday

Winners will be drawn every hour each Friday to choose a card from the game board. Pick the Queen of Hearts and win $2,000! Pick the King of Hearts and win $1,000! If either is not hit, $500 is added to each and the prize will roll over to the next week. All other cards win up to $750 in cash, promotional chips or match play! Everyone picked is a winner!

On August 30, the Queen of Hearts Progressive is GUARANTEED!

Earn entries playing your favorite Table Games or Poker!

Blackjack Same Color Blackjack
Fire Bet Craps Any Winning Fire Bet
Hot Roller Craps Any Winning Hot Roller
Roulette Any Winning Zero / Double Zero
Three Card (Three Card Hand) Winning Flush or Higher
Criss Cross Poker (Five Card Hand) Winning Straight or Higher
Louisiana Stud Poker (Five Card Hand) Winning Straight or Higher
Poker Full House

Drop your entries into the drum starting at 6pm ANY Friday you choose!