BetLucky Futures


Proposition wagering (most commonly referred to as “Props”) has become an increasingly popular betting option and all BetLucky Sportsbooks will offer a diverse variety of “props” every day.


Future Book wagering betting allows bettors the opportunity to wager on the outcome of an upcoming or “future” event. All of the teams/participants (or at least the majority of them) will be offered with along with their corresponding Odds, which represent the likelihood of each winning that event. For “future book” wagering purposes, the one team/participant that wins the event will also be declared the betting option winner.

All BetLucky Sportsbooks will offer a wide variety “Future” wagers. Examples of “Future Books” that will be readily available at any BetLucky Sportsbook are: Odds to Win the Super Bowl, the Stanley Cup, the World Series, the Monster Energy Cup, and the Masters, among many others.

Please Note: When you make a “future” bet, the odds that you get on your ticket at the time that you make your wager are the odds that you will keep. For instance, if you bet the Steelers to win the Superbowl at 18-1 odds, you will get paid off at 18-1 odds, even if the odds increase, or decrease, at a later time.

To bet any Future Book wager, simply select the appropriate BetLucky betting sheet and tell the ticket writer the bet number of the team that you wish to bet on, and the amount you wish to wager.

In many instances, the “future” wager that you select to wager on may not be concluded, and therefore resulted, for several months, and it is very possible that you will not be in the casino to cash in your winning ticket at the time the event has been determined. BetLucky makes it very convenient to mail in any winning ticket(s) anytime within one year of the conclusion of the event!

All the “Mail Pay” instructions will be clearly printed on the back of your winning ticket!

BetLucky Mobile Wagering App

In today’s fast paced, tech savvy world, sports fans who cannot always visit their favorite BetLucky Sportsbook still have the opportunity to make a wager and “get into the action” with the BetLucky Mobile Wagering App! The BetLucky Mobile Wagering App “puts any BetLucky Sportsbook in the palm of your hands” while using any smartphone. Whether your phone is an Android mobile device or an iPhone, the ease and convenience of wagering from your smartphone has become increasingly popular. Along with offering a full wagering menu, the BetLucky App will provide access to numerous services including live video feeds, previous scores, and game statistics.