BetLucky Auto Racing

How To Bet

Auto Racing is a popular worldwide betting option with the Formula 1 circuit.

In the U.S., NASCAR is clearly the top choice.

The most common Auto Racing wager involves simply picking the winner of a Race or the Title (Cup).

BetLucky Sportsbooks will offer a betting sheet listing the majority of the individual drivers in the race and their respective odds to win, along with a field (all remaining drivers) option.

Odds  Driver  Odds 
6001  Kevin Harvick  4-1 
6002  Matt Kenseth  6-1 
6003  Kyle Busch  6-1 
6004  Denny Hamlin  8-1 
6005  Martin Truex Jr  10-1 
6006  Kasey Kahne  10-1 
6007  Kurt Busch  12-1 
6008  Brad Keselowski  15-1 
6009  Austin Dillon  100-1 
6010  Field (All Others)  50-1 

In the example above:

Kevin Harvick is listed as the 4-1 favorite, Matt Kenseth and Kyle Busch are next at 6-1, and Austin Dillon closes out the individual odds at 100-1.

If you bet $10 on Harvick at 4-1 odds, and he wins the race, you win $40 for a total return of $50.

If you bet $10 on Dillon at 100-1 odds, and he wins, you win $1000 for a total return of $1010.

Another way to bet on Auto Racing is with Matchup Wagering. “Matchups” are propositions where two drivers are paired against each other in a head-to-head wager, with odds on each driver strictly opposing one another. Very simply, the driver with the better finish in the race wins the matchup.

The only requirement for wagering action is that both drivers must start, and the race must be official.

Driver  Money Line 
Joey Logano  +135 
Jimmie Johnson  -155 

In example above, Jimmie Johnson is a -155 favorite against Joey Logano (the +135 underdog):

A $155 bet on Johnson would win $100, for a return of $255.

A $100 bet on Logano would win $135, for a return of $235.